Daily Kos' Pollsters Release 'Survey' Smearing Republicans as Anti-Muslim Bigots

Or, as James Crugnale of Mediate reliably spins it: Survey Shows Majority Of Alabama/Mississippi GOP Voters Think Obama Is Muslim:

According to a recently-released survey, many Alabama and Mississippi Republicans overwhelmingly believe President Obama to be Muslim. Public Policy Polling asked Republicans in the two states, “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?”In Alabama, 45% said “Muslim”, 41% said “unsure.” Only 14% said that the President is Christian.

Mississippi Republicans were even more distrusting of President Obama’s faith, with an overwhelming 52% saying he was Muslim, 36% unsure and only 12% saying Christian.


First, ignore that PPP only polled about 600 people in each state. Second, ignore that the question on the survey asks “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian, or a Muslim, or are you not sure?” Where’s the “He’s a secular, stealth Marxist applying Alinskyite strategy by pretending to be a Christian so he can gain power” option?

Come on Democrats, do you really want independents to believe Obama is a sincere Jeremiah Wright Christian? Aren’t you better off just conceding Obama went to Trinity United for the political connections, and not to drink up the antisemitic conspiracy Kool-Aid?

Third, The poll came from the Democrat-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling. Molly Ball at Politico reported earlier this year:

Though PPP might seem to be simply the Democratic counterpart to Rasmussen Reports, the automated pollster that the left loves to hate, there are differences.

Rasmussen, despite its partisan reputation, claims political independence and does not conduct polls on behalf of candidates, while PPP freely admits that the left is its bread and butter — and where its sympathies lie. Some of the firm’s polling memos advocate desired outcomes or use loaded, partisan language.

Read the Politico story to learn about how PPP makes money. This isn’t just progressives firing another shot at Southern Tea Partiers. This is also PPP’s strategy for drumming up business. Mediate’s story constitutes free advertising for more progressive organizations to commission PPP for polls. The most wonderful of ironies: disassembling capitalism through dividing America can be a great business model. Political war profiteers eager to make a buck fomenting class and race wars will always find a shallow pool of idealists to keep the money flowing.



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