Apple Grows in Texas

I was going to headline this post “Apple Comes to Texas,” but that wouldn’t be accurate. Apple has been here for years and has a thriving campus north of Austin. Texas’ regulatory climate might have something to do with that, and its hard work to help businesses succeed might have even more to do with that. Apple builds quality products that people want to buy and use. Now, Apple is expanding that Austin campus and expects thousands of jobs to result:


Apple Inc. will expand its Austin presence with a $304 million campus that will ultimately create 3,600 new jobs, according to an announcement today by Gov. Rick Perry.

The new campus will more than double the size of Apple’s workforce in Texas over the next 10 years. The new staff will expand customer support, sales and accounting functions for the region. In exchange for Apple’s commitment to create these new jobs in Texas, the state has offered Apple an investment of $21 million over 10 years through the Texas Enterprise Fund.

Congratulations both to Gov. Perry and to Apple. The rest of the nation could learn quite a bit from both: Apple has more cash on hand than the US government, and Texas has a balanced budget.


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