Super Tuesday Open Thread & Live Chat (Updates: Romney Wins Ohio)

Voters go to the polls in 10 states today to choose a GOP presidential candidate. State by state results will appear at the links below; 419 delegates are stake. All eyes on on Ohio, where Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are neck and neck going into the vote. Today is the biggest day of the GOP contest, so President Obama is doing what he can to step all over the story: He’s delivering his first press conference in months today. The topic of the presser is mortgage relief for military members, which amounts to Obama coming out to say “I like puppies.” It’s unlikely to happen, but here’s to hoping the president is asked about this.


Result links and live chat below. If you’re in a Super Tuesday state, let us know what you’re seeing and hearing. I’ll be in and out of the chat throughout the day, and I’ll be on twitter, @texasbryanp and @PJTatler.

Vermont                 Virginia               North Dakota                Ohio                Tennessee

Massachusetts      Georgia                Oklahoma                     Idaho               Alaska


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