Silence from Carbonite as its Stock Price Tanks (Updates)

Carbonite led the advertiser exodus from Rush Limbaugh’s show. The Democrat-owned company continues to advertise on Ed Schultz’s show, despite the fact the Schultz is guilty of a thoughtcrime nearly identical to Rush’s: Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut” on the air, and later apologized for it. As I argued on America’s Radio News on Monday, the only real difference between what Rush did and what Schultz did is the politics, since both Ingraham and Sandra Fluke are public figures. Schultz hit from the left, Rush hit from the right, but Carbonite has only canceled on Rush. Why?


Well, Monday afternoon I called up Carbonite to see if I could get some clarification on their policy. The double standard seems obvious, but perhaps there is another explanation. I called seeking that explanation. I left messages at two numbers and gave my email address to one live PR person. That person referred me to another, and said the company would get back with me. A day later, they have not. No calls, no emails, nothing at all. The company is also mute on its own web site. I have emailed the company’s media team again today.

Meanwhile, Carbonite’s stock price has reportedly fallen to near a 52-week low.

Update: Prof. Jacobson announces the Carbonite Accountability Project.

Update: A live chat while canceling a Carbonite account.


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