Romney Rolls on Super Tuesday (Update: A Major League Win for Romney)

While Mitt Romney may not have the deepest level of support, he does have the widest.  CNN is estimating that he’ll have 347 delegates after tonight, easily more than the rest of the field combined.


A good portion of his lead comes from his winner-take-all triumphs in Florida and Arizona, plus his near-sweep of Virginia.  While an upset loss in Illinois or Wisconsin could leave him short of a first-ballot majority, the fact is that he’s pulling away from the rest of the field.

Accumulating delegates is the name of the game and Mitt is excelling at that.  It’s not quite “Big Mo” (to borrow a term from the first George Bush), but he may get so far ahead that no one can catch him….

Update: CNN just called Ohio for Romney.  His current lead is 12,000 votes out of over 1.2 million or 1%.

Romney carried both Hamilton County (Cincy) and Cuyahoga by 16,000 votes each.  Both cities, which have both major league baseball and NFL franchises, provided his margin of victory.  If Santorum had run even in either town, he’d have won Ohio tonight.


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