Ohio Update (Update: Bottom of the 9th in Cincy?)

With 85% of Ohio precincts reporting, Santorum is clinging to a tiny 2,600 vote lead (out of over 1 million).

Some suburban areas of Cleveland and Cincy are still out, so that is good news for Romney.


However, parts of Dayton and Canton are also still out.  If Rick can break through there, he’ll win.

Like many NBA games, this one is going down to the final shot….

Meanwhile, according to CNN, there was very little gender gap in Ohio for Santorum: he won 36% among men and 37% among women.  That’s one reason why he doing better in Ohio than Michigan.

Santorum is easily winning the German Catholic rural vote in NW Ohio, while Romney is carrying the Irish, Italian and Polish Catholics in the big metro areas.

Romney is carrying older and wealthier voters, Santorum the opposite.

5% of Ohio primary voters are Democrats and Rick is winning them by 20 points.  Legitimate cross-overs or liberal mischief?

Update: In a clutch performance that Pete Rose, Johnny Bench or Joe Morgan would have appreciated, the Hamilton County suburbs (Cincy) just delivered a big margin for Mitt, thus putting him back into the lead for the first time in 3 hours.

The Cleveland suburbs are also still out.  Santorum will need a late surge from a few rural counties still out to score the upset.


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