The PJ Tatler

Not So Super Tuesday

Ringing in the delegates on this Super Tuesday isn’t that super, since many states are awarding delegates proportionally this cycle, of which many are non-binding. Though the media will have you believe that one candidate is out while another is surging, it can all be summed up in one word: “theater.”  You have Rick Santorum, the least fiscally conservative of the bunch, winning over the religious right. Mitt Romney is winning over no one new. Ron Paul is being the libertarian, and Newt Gingrich continues to take a beating from the media as he triumphs in his home legislative state of Georgia. Thank God for Georgia.

These results are not too far from expected. Not enough Americans are in the weeds on such things, but there is one clear trend that is being underreported. The Republican Party base has been easily distracted, and are playing right into the hands of the establishment-controlled government. The United States is currently sitting with a credit downgrade at $16T in debt with spending at 100% of GDP. And with $1T on the table the Republican base is complaining about birth control. The newly declared war on the Catholic Church has given Rick Santorum his momentum. Let’s not forget that the Catholic Church supported Obama and his health care reform. At the time, Archbishop Dolan praised President Obama with a “Bravo!” on his healthcare overhaul. Suddenly, the deal that the church cut was not as inclusive as they thought. Now, there is a realization that our current government is not very Christian-friendly, allegedly.

The Republican Party and its base have taken up the religious freedom war cry. What happened to just plain old freedom? Churches adopt the IRS tax code, because that’s what Jesus would do, while abnegating their duties in the community to the federal government. Why are we pondering the moral decline in America? The time to cry out for religious freedom was for prayer in the schools that we pay for, and “hate speech” legislation that has been passed in many states, or the assault in Waco. Right now is the time to cry out for retaining our liberty, period. Financial collapse cannot be an option, though it would fill the pews of the churches, it is not acceptable to allow the 2012 debate to be diverted to an issue that could become a non-issue once the Supreme Court rules on the mandate in the coming weeks. Over a month will have been wasted, and the rise of sharia law will have been rooted in the rally cries of religious freedom that the Republican base has so desperately fought against in many recent legislative sessions. The law that usurps all laws will become the next fight in our battle to preserve America.

At some point, the base needs to refocus its efforts and energy. Family values were destroyed by big government policies. Bill after bill had been signed into law removing fathers from their homes, preventing children from praying, and punishing parents for disciplining children. The No Child Left Behind Act, while costing states a fortune, left children behind. Neither Title 10 nor Title 20 had any business in the lives of Americans. Big government politicians believe that it’s ok to spend public money to clear their conscious, but complain when the opposition does the same. The government’s role is to protect and to preserve our rights, not to dictate how we should live our lives or to determine what they are worth. Right-wing is just as bad as left-wing social engineering, and only one of them has its hooks in 40% of our population. The party is treading very close to alienating constitutional conservatives, and it had better realize that sooner than later as more and more people grow tired of political theater as clueless politicians pander on the superficial issues.

The United State is in desperate need of a leader.