We Need a New Coach; the Issue is Religious Freedom, Not Limbaugh


Progressives nationwide are licking their chops as advertisers obediently drop sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh’s show. As always, Republicans are playing defense and the actual issue has become totally lost. Suddenly, we have moved in record time from an issue of religious freedom to “women’s rights” to yet another case of Rush Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome.


What happened to the outrage about an administration that seeks to tell religious institutions that they must go against their faith?

Why does anyone feel a personal obligation to apologize for Rush Limbaugh? Rush is quite capable of apologizing for himself, which he did. Republicans and conservatives are constantly playing defense because they allow progressives to start the game on offense every time.

Despite the fact that quotes have been gathered from Santorum, Romney, Paul, Boehner and more, Republican strategist John Feehery said the GOP candidates have so far missed an opportunity to forcefully distance themselves from Limbaugh’s comments, allowing the president to take advantage.

“He’s looking like the hero here,” Feehery said of Obama. “If the Republicans were smart, they would have done the same thing: given her a call and said we’re sorry about this attack.”


No. I want a new coach. This coach is telling Republicans to play defense for something they never said nor endorsed. Coach seems to have taken his eye off the ball. Maybe a new coach would advise that they bring the game right back to the original issue, religious freedom.

Religious freedom has too much at stake for a defensive strategy once again. Now let’s play ball.


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