J Street: Thank Obama for 'Rational and Thoughtful Approach' on Iran

The antithesis of AIPAC sent an email to supporters asking them to thank President Obama for his speech here yesterday.

Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, said that the commander in chief should receive members’ thanks for his “rational and thoughtful approach” on Iran and for “standing against ‘loose talk of war’ with Iran.”


“Yesterday President Obama delivered a pro-Israel, pro-peace message at – of all places – AIPAC’s annual conference,” Ben-Ami wrote. “…Undoubtedly, the White House is hearing today from those in our community who were hoping for a more hawkish posture. It’s up to us to rally a strong show of support for the President and his sensible approach on this difficult issue.”

The email also congratulated the president for pressing again for a two-state solution to the Mideast crisis.

“The President has personally challenged me – and many of you – in the pro-Israel, pro-peace community to do a better job of making our voice heard,” Ben-Ami wrote. “Today is a perfect example of when the President needs to hear that we support him.”


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