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Breitbart More than a High Wire Act

Someone should go collect all of the great things being written about Andrew Breitbart, and put them together in one volume so we can understand the deep significance of his time with us.  David Swindle adds the latest must read over at PJ Media today: Immortality: Andrew Breitbart’s 5 Gifts to Generation Y Conservatism.


One of the most dangerous trends of the modern Left, whether Eric Holder minimizing New Black Panthers stalking polling places with weapons, or new Associate Attorney General Tony West telling the Washington Post what a great guy American Taliban John Walker-Lindh was, is the watering down of criminal conduct.  Swindle nails it:

To see the Breitbart principle in action, consider Big Journalism’s recent fight to hold accountable Keith Olbermann for covering up the sexual violence of Occupy Wall Street. (Minimizing the severity of criminal behavior remains a preferred cultural Marxist tactic in the effort to initiate greater societal destabilization for revolution.)

A practical danger hides within Olbermann’s meme. Bad ideas have real-world consequences. How many future victims will think, “Well if Keith Olbermann says this rape-at-occupy stuff is more crap from this racist Breitbart then we might as well go…”?

That’s why the culture war matters. These ideas destroy lives. They must be stopped. But to do that we need to know their origin. And here too Breitbart led the way.”


(Incidently,  I was on Fox today talking about Tony West being elevated to #3 at DOJ.  Hope to find a link to the video soon. Come on Media Matters, get it posted darn it!)

One point Swindle makes, though not overtly, is that Andrew was more than a high wire act, more than a circus clown, he was a political philosophy combat expert.  He knew the Left minimized criminality for a reason.  Like some of the most effective conservatives, whether Brandon Darby, Roger Simon or the great David Horowitz, Andrew came from the Left, and he knew firsthand the genuine danger they present to civilization.

Check out Swindle’s piece for more top shelf insights.

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