Scama Lama Ping Pong

Fire up the teleprompter, there’s a speech coming up that has a divining rod attached to it,  in search of Jewish money in a desert of suspicion and marked hesitation.


Obamarillo Slim has just announced he does not bluff. That’s probably a good idea for an administration that has repeatedly given the appearance that it isn’t playing with a full deck most of the time. Bluffing requires skill, lying is often simply pathological.

And when it comes to Israel, this administration all too often deals from the bottom.

Joe “Deadwood” Biden and Obamarillo Slim once again are out to prove that sometimes nothing is a real cool hand. In fact, virtually all the time in their case.

The teleprompter is going to be cranked up and this time at AIPAC, it is going to read out a nice song along with the sweet nothing whisperings in the ears of any wallet not hermetically sealed in that room.

If I searched the whole wide world
I’d never, never, never
find me a pearl
Who’d back me
The way that you do
Cause your

Scama lama
Obamalama scama ping pong
Bibi huh
You put the
ooh mou mou
back into my style, child

Hey that is why
You are my sugar daddy doo

It’s a high stakes game, with a nuclear Iran going all in. Obamarillo Slim and his trusty sidekick Deadwood are penny ante thinkers. They have been mucking their hand for three years. Israel has little choice. It must play at this table and it can’t pass.


Unless Bibi wants to continue to be swatted yet again in the next Scama Lama Ping Pong move by this administration, Israel has to ignore the teleprompter with a vengeance

The House odds are too steep to do anything else.

There are no partners at this game. Israel is completely abandoned. Until November, they can’t trust anything that they are told, nothing that they are promised and less that they can depend upon. Iran smells weakness and fear in this White House.  Capitulation is in the air.   Surrender is on the table.

They simply won’t fold. They have read Obamarillo and Deadwood’s tells.  And, that’s all they need to know.




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