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Breitbart's Obama College Tapes Coming in 7-10 Days

The Blaze on filmmaker Steve Bannon’s interview with Sean Hannity regarding Andrew Breitbart’s final project:

After Hannity brought up the tapes that Breitbart said “would change this election,” Bannon gave more information regarding when the public can expect to see them.

“There‘s a set of tapes and we’re going through it,” Bannon announced. “The staff…the guys are going through a series of tapes of President Obama at Harvard and…we’ll come back to you in a week or two and show them here on the Hannity show.”

“In one week, we’ll have these tapes?,” Hannity asked.

Bannon confirmed that they should be ready for release in a week to 10 days.

I look forward to seeing the tapes but wonder what they could depict that will damage the President’s campaign. Tea Partiers already possess an abundance of evidence establishing Obama’s radical ideology beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, with the research Stanley Kurtz lays out in Radical-In-Chief one can demonstrate Obama’s continued reliance on Alinskyite tactics throughout his career.

But so what?

Try to explain this stuff to a Reagan Democrat or independent swing-voter. Try and pull out various compelling facts on Obama’s succession of Marxist mentors or the soundbites with his frank admissions lamenting the Constitution’s “fundamental flaw” thwarting efforts to redistribute wealth.

While confronting the public with the truth of Barack Obama’s Marxism serves a cultural objective, this message yields limited returns in a presidential election. And here’s why: ALL of this stuff from his past will receive the barely-informed swing voter’s dismissal: “Yeah, so what? That was years ago and even if he is radical he’s not doing a very good job of it and the Republicans are even worse. Have you heard they want to ban contraception now? And why does Rush Limbaugh have to call women sluts?”