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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Enter the Great Debate on Contraceptives

One  of their favorite publications, Gerdad, did a story about dangerous computer viruses.  You know, ‘trojans.”  But then they screwed up the narrative, so to speak.  Because the article printed ads for condoms, specifically “Trojans.”  The crowd at EA (formerly “Enduring America,” in which the first word was intended to convey “putting up with,” rather than “long lasting, maybe even eternal”) could not restrain themselves from pointing out that the Trojans are not really appropriate for a discussion of “soft war.”

True enough.  I just want to note, once again, the amazing capacity of Iranian officials to screw up almost everything.  This, like many others, is wildly entertaining.  But they are very good at some things, namely mass murder, mass torture, and mass rape.  And getting people–mostly Arabs, almost never their own kind–to go in for “martyrdom.”

But nobody in this administration seems to care.  Maybe this anti-condom article will uh stimulate them to support the regime’s enemies.