Open Thread: Michigan, Arizona Primary Results (Update: Romney Wins Arizona) Update: Fox Projects Romney Wins Michigan

No numbers yet but they should be coming in soon. Mitt Romney looks to be cruising to a blowout win in Arizona, so naturally the nation’s lonely eyes turn to Michigan to see if there are enough citizens there who remember Gov. George Romney to vote for his son for president. And so we’ll have some suspense.


The stakes tonight: A Santorum win in MI reinforces the notion that Romney can’t even win his home state (well, one of his home states). A double by Romney suggests that he’s back on his game. A grand total of 59 delegates are up for grabs.

The argument between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney has been among the most banal of political arguments of recent times. Santorum has slammed Romney for opposing the same auto bailout that he opposed, and Romney has slammed Santorum for trying to get Democrats to cross over and vote for him, even though Romney has crossed over to vote in Democrat primaries himself. That’s the bad news. The good news is that both would still be better than the petty, childish incumbent who thinks we can burn enough pond scum to power the economy. The big news on the gas price front today, in fact, wasn’t another goofy idea from the regime, but an admission that the Department of Energy isn’t even working on ways to bring the price of gas down. Thanks, Barack!


Update: Numbers are starting to come in. You can follow Arizona’s here and Michigan’s here.

Update: The polls have closed in Arizona, and Mitt Romney has already been declared the winner there. He picks up all of Arizona’s 29 delegates in the winner-take-all primary.

Update: Apparently opposing the auto bailout hasn’t hurt Romney in Detroit. Wayne county is giving him a 14 point cushion, and all of the counties surrounding Detroit are going for Romney.

Update: 9:17 central, Fox projects that Romney will win Michigan. As of this writing, Romney leads by 5 points in MI with 70% of precincts reporting.


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