Seven States Sue To Stop Contraception Mandate

Looks like the contraception mandate is going the same way as the ObamaCare mandate — straight to the courts!

Seven state attorneys general sued the Obama administration Thursday over its order requiring some religious employers to cover birth control in their employees’ healthcare plans.

In the suit, the states argue that the White House infringed on the religious freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

“This violation of the [First] Amendment is a threat to every American, regardless of religious faith,” Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said in a news release. “We will not stand idly by while our constitutionally guaranteed liberties are discarded by an administration that has sworn to uphold them.

”The attorneys general from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas also joined the lawsuit.


You’ll note that all seven of these states are already suing over ObamaCare itself. And it makes sense, both ObamaCare and the contraceptive mandate are unacceptable and, yes, unconstitutional infringements on our individual liberties, and we can hope that the courts see it the same way. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t put any money on that prospect, given how various lower courts have already ruled on ObamaCare.

This one’s all but certainly headed for the Supremes, unless Obama comes to his senses before then, or unless the ObamaCare case outcome also removes the authority to impose this mandate. Not that ObamaCare being struck down would likely stop these power-mad statists. The only thing that has a good chance of stopping them is being sent packing in November.


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