NATO Agrees to Prosecutions for Koran Burnings

Afghanistan’s march backward through time continues:

The delegations, while deeply touched by the religious sentiments shown by the Afghan Muslim and Mujahid nation, inform our citizens of the following:

1. In view of the particular security situation in the country, we call on all our Muslim citizens of Afghanistan to exercise self-restraint and extra vigilance in dealing with the issue and avoid resorting to protests and demonstrations that may provide ground for the enemy to take advantage of the situation.


“Exercise self-restraint.” It’s a bit late for that. History also suggests it won’t happen.

2. After the shameful incident by the US soldiers stationed in Bagram, senior NATO and American officials expressed their deep apologies to the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and assured that such incidents will not happen again.

3. NATO officials promised to meet Afghan nation’s demand of bringing to justice, through an open trial, those responsible for the incident and it was agreed that the perpetrators of the crime be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Which crime, killing our troops in cold blood? Nope. The “crime” with promised prosecution is the burning of Korans that were apparently being used by terrorists to communicate with one another.

Are we going to see Americans soldier tried in Afghan courts for purely religious offenses?  Will President Obama really allow that?

It gets even better…

4. The assigned delegations demand from the government of Afghanistan to take over from the Americans the authority of the Bagram prison so no such incidents can recur and calls on the US government to fully and comprehensively cooperate to this end.

5. The delegations also want from the Afghan government to formally praise those brave Afghan army soldiers and all others who showed feelings against the disrespectful act by preventing more religious books and Quran copies from burning, so that the pure Muslim sentiments of our honored Mujahid nation can remain alive.


Nothing about the Afghan soldier who killed two Americans. Not a word.

The Afghans think burning terrorist communications devices is shameful. We think their soldiers killing our soldiers is shameful. It’s hard to find much common ground between these two viewpoints. So our president grovels to savages.


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