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Video: I'm Claire McCaskill, Democrat, and I'm Totally Owned by Big Labor

That’s not what the McCaskill for Senate ad actually says. The ad slams her opponents for being captives of “special interests.”

Apparently in Claire McCaskill’s mind, unions don’t count as special interests. Which is convenient, for her. Her voting record suggests that if we were to count Big Labor as a special interest, then she is very much a special interest senator. Here are her labor vote ratings.

Sen. Claire McCaskill:

AFSCME: 100%

IAM: 100%

AFGE: 79%

(Website, “Project Vote Smart,” Accessed 2/1/12)


AFL-CIO: 100%

(Website, “American Federation Of Labor – Congress Of Industrial Organizations,” Accessed 2/8/12)

She’s also 100% for NARAL and Planned Parenthood, neither of which apparently count as special interests. And those unions, which McCaskill doesn’t view as special interests, give her lots of campaign money.

Nah, there are no special interests there.