Michelle Obama: Vote for My Husband, Dammit

Michelle Obama hosted an in-town luncheon fundraiser in the grand ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel on Tuesday, for which the 360 guests dished out at least $1,000 a head toward the Obama Victory Fund. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Melody Barnes, former director of Obama’s Domestic Policy Council, were among the mostly female crowd that gathered to hear the first lady speak.


“Obama wore a black dress and delivered her speech from a teleprompter,” the White House pool report noted. She rattled off a list of administration achievements from the withdrawal from Iraq to private-sector job growth. And it got more entertaining from there:

The first lady also mentioned the president’s memory “like a steel trap” and that he reads letters from Americans every night and tells her of his concern and that there is more work to do.

Obama pounded her fist once on the podium when she asked “Who are we? Will we continue all the change we’ve begun or just allow everything to slip away?”

One woman said “wow” as FLOTUS [First Lady of the United States] continued her speech to its end.

“He cannot do it alone. That was never the promise.”

Then she asked the crowd whether they are “in.” “Wait, wait, I didn’t hear that. Are you in?”

They stood to applaud as she asked the question and ended the event.

It is a bit pricey, after all, to pound a Jimmy Choo against the podium.


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