Wading in the Water(s)

The Maxine Waters ethics investigation is turning into one of the longest running soap operas in America. From the Daily Caller:

In an unprecedented move, six members of the House Ethics Committee recused themselves from the investigation of California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters Friday. Five of the six are Republicans.

“Both the Committee and [Attorney William] Martin recognize that recusal is an extremely rare occurrence and should not be sought without careful consideration by the Members,” Alabama Republican Rep. Jo Bonner, the committee’s chairman, wrote in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner Friday.

“While the Members believe that they each can render an impartial and unbiased decision in any proceeding related to this matter, the Committee takes this extraordinary measure — in this unique circumstance — to further the best interests of the House and to permit this matter to be brought to a conclusion,” wrote Bonner.

The recusals are the latest chapter in a book full of nightmares for the committee’s seemingly cut-and-dry investigation of Waters, who allegedly set up a meeting between OneUnited Bank and U.S. Treasury officials in 2008. The bank, where her husband was a board member at the time of the meeting, later received $12 million in taxpayer bailout money.


Okay, what’s next in the investigation (started August 2010) of the woman some might call the House’s most reactionary progressive? Hard to say, but there’s one thing we here at The Tatler would like to see: a debate between Rep. Waters and Rep. West over what’s best for black America.


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