The One Man in America Who Is Trying to be a Leader

“Some say that America lacks leadership, but that isn’t entirely correct. We have any number of excellent leaders in the public sector, among whom Paul Ryan ranks at or near the top. The problem is that our real leaders’ ability to effect real change is stymied by the empty suits in locations like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”


So says John Hinderaker at Powerline, and I agree with him.

He quotes the opening statement of Paul Ryan and it is eloquent, it is graceful, it is powerful and every word of it is true.

“The real source of dysfunction in the Senate comes from members of the President’s own party, who have been unwilling – for almost three years now – to go on record in support of his budgets, or to pass budgets of their own.

More to the point, it wasn’t so long ago that the President’s party held total control of the White House and both branches of Congress – during which time his agenda was enacted in near totality:
* massive new spending and taxes
* the creation of new, open-ended entitlements
* a regulatory onslaught that hurt the economy
* and trillions of dollars in new debt.”

You should really read it all here.

It is so refreshing to hear an adult deliver a message that ALL members of the opposition to the small c communists can get behind.

Too bad we simply aren’t getting that from ANY of the candidates.


The ONE candidate who actually has the ability, talent, skill set to deliver a powerful message, has imploded so badly, he has now reached the level of being ridiculed.

Ability to carry the message forward is a key element in winning the war for minds of voters in a rigged game against a propaganda machine and its party.

Ryan/Rubio have shown great skills in this arena. And, a comportment of both that has grace and elegance. Which is obviously and patently so…missing in these primaries.

The effects of which we are seeing in the skyrocketing negatives which cannot be denied with any credibility. The Republican brand is taking a beating. And THAT will hurt down ticket as well.


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