Let’s Try the Free Market - Instead of Even More Free Rides

Congress is currently considering a patently absurd extension of the patently absurd payroll tax reduction.  Which does nothing to aid our foundering economy, but does a great deal of further damage to the already on-the-verge-of-insolvency Social Security – to which these monies are supposed to go.

As a part of this process, also being bandied about are long-overdue spectrum auctions – government sales of the airspace we need for all things wireless.  For cell phones, the Internet, etc.

We desperately need more spectrum, to be used to continue the free speech-free market Xanadu, unprecedented wireless revolution we have all enjoyed.

But the Left is again calling for even more handouts.  Rather than sell the spectrum on a free market basis (licensed), they want to give a huge chunk of it away for free (unlicensed).

This despite the fact that there is already more unlicensed than licensed spectrum available.  In other words – like with our income tax system and who does and does not pay – the handouts are already winning.

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley:

“The only facet of the economy that has at all worked the last three years – in the Age of President Barack Obama – has been the Tech sector.  The Internet and cell phones have been the driving force behind the only part of the private sector that has been hiring rather than firing – growing rather than shrinking.

“Not coincidentally, the Internet and cell phones were three years ago virtually regulation-free.  So of course the Obama Administration and the Left have worked ceaselessly to pile on illegal, oppressive and unnecessary new rules – like Network Neutrality and cell phone price controls.

“And now the Left is back – demanding we again play Socialism, rather than allow a free market auction of the spectrum we need for the wireless revolution to continue.

“Ummm, no.  The Left and their ‘Let’s Give It All Away’ mentality have crippled our economy, and consigned us to languish in these wretched circumstances.  The Left has led, they have failed – and now they must get out of the way.  And let the free market again restore us to economic success.”



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