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"We aren't trying to dominate the world" -- All we want to do is tax it

The European Union has run into a lot of foreign resistance to its scheme to impose a “carbon tax” on airline passengers  traveling to and from Europe. The EU solution? The New American web site reports that in the interest of averting a “trade war” in the skies, the EU is open to making an already terrible tax even worse. Reportedly the EU is open to a “UN-brokered” arrangement in which the EU would drop its regional carbon tax in exchange for haveing it replaced by — guess what — a global carbon tax on air travel. This has the makings of yet another UN run at direct global taxes — a precedent that would effectively bypass even the minimal oversight of UN member states,  and in the spirit of taxation-without-representation open a spigot direct from your wallet to the UN coffers, quite likely requiring you to bankroll, among other things, the concoction of yet more global taxes.

“We’re ready to negotiate within our framework,” the articles quotes the EU transport commissioner as saying; “We aren’t trying to dominate the world.”

Thanks, guys, but there’s a better way. How about sparing a moment amid the riots and bailouts to just drop the EU’s carbon tax on the skies?