Obama Opponent Tim Dolan Being Elevated To Cardinal

One of the strongest critics of Obama forcing Catholics to fund birth control against the dictates of their faith, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, is being elevated to the rank of Cardinal today in Rome.


Now, I’m not a Catholic, and I’m sure a lot of the readers here aren’t, so let me explain what little I know about Cardinals (and my apologies to Catholics if I make a mistake in this explanation). Not only is a Cardinal the second highest rank in the Catholic Church, they’re also the ones that vote on a new Pope. The new Pope is also elected from the ranks of the Cardinals.

I should point out that Archbishop Dolan’s elevation was announced on 6 January, so it would be a stretch to say that elevating him is the Pope’s answer to the birth control decision, however, I think it’s highly likely that Dolan will be discussing it with his fellow Cardinals while he’s in Rome, and perhaps even with Benedict XVI.

All in all, congratulations to the new Cardinal. I hope he keeps speaking out about things that concern him.

(photo credit: Cy White)


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