Two Bombings in Aleppo Today

Aimed at security and regular Army forces.  Free Syrian Army takes credit according to the BBC.  Hundreds of casualties.

There had to be revenge for the mass slaughter in Homs and elsewhere.  What else can they do except strike back?  The  “Western world” continues to dither, continuing the “diplomatic” intellectual masturbation that passes for foreign policy nowadays.


Those who say they don’t want war remind me of King Canute ordering the tides to stop.  The war is on.  The only issue is whether the murderous tyrants win or lose.  Having failed to support non-violent democratic revolution in enemy countries like Iran and Syria, our options have predictably narrowed.  We can abandon the freedom fighters, all the while claiming we are “with them,” or truly support them.

Without real support for the opposition, Assad and Khamenei will prevail.

But that’s what you get when you pretend to “lead from behind.”  It doesn’t work.  The best people die and the monsters prevail.

And the terrible question remains:  why were we so busy bringing down friendly tyrants and so reluctant to act against our enemies?


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