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Newt Out of Loot?

After the Florida and Nevada meltdown, the Santorum Slam and the Rubio rebukes, Sheldon Adelson may be seriously considering sticking to bets where the odds are in the house’s favor.


Or so some are speculating.

Santorum is riding high at the moment and that may be draining the money pool even further away from Newt’s inner tubing.

With Trump’s pile going all in for Romney over Gingrich, Newt may be limping into Super Tuesday with nothing but Kinko-produced fliers and sign spinners at the entrances to Leisure World.

Busted flat?

“It’s starting to sound that way. A new investigation by Bloomberg has been digging through the campaign finance reports, interviewing campaign aides and donors, and reaches the conclusion that Newt Gingrich may be running on fumes at this point in terms of election cash. And his Super PAC money may be drying up also.

This is NOT good news for Cecil B. Moneybags, who needs the Newtonian Implosion to stay alive and split the south.

If Gingrich goes belly up, figuratively speaking, Santorum needs him to do it now.

If Newt hangs on past Super Tuesday, he might as well hang on until August. His few bargaining chips may be worth cashing in…as a spoiler.

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