Smal "c" Communism, What Is It, Why Does It Matter?

The Daily Caller, one of my favorite stopping off places, “won” a contest to have dinner with Ayers and Dohrn. Tomorrow they will give us a recap on how they kept their food down.


It was Ayers who uttered the phrase “small c communist” to describe his political stance. He also suggested that he was probably the last person to call himself a “communist”.

He may have been laughing at the time, but there was much to take away from that rare moment of clarity.

What made great thinkers who were “liberal” separate from the “small c communists”? John Podhoretz, Sol Stern, David Horowitz, Ron Radosh, Roger Simon, David Mamet saw the disguise, the mask, the masquerade and have tried to unveil it.

No “liberal” would make a nail bomb to attempt to maim, injure and murder 19, 20, 21 year old boys and their innocent dates at Ft. Dix. (or blow themselves up on the process)

When we conflate the terms “liberal” with “small c communist” we assist in putting another addition on the safe house in which the small c communist can hide out.

(similarly, when we use the term “mainstream” media…we assist in building a propaganda machine safehouse for those intent on destroying the truth in our information stream)


Small c communism is decidedly illiberal. It is a melange of anarchism, anti-capitalism, in near permanent rebellion and overthrow mode. It simply has co-opted “liberal” causes in which to hide.

Too many people believe that “social democrats” in Europe are “identical cousins” from across the pond. (a premise only Patty Duke could pull off).

When George Clooney stands up and defends “all the good things about being liberal”, he trots out the hiding places as if they are “owned” by leftists. In reality, all good people, including independents, social conservatives and faith-based folks believe in basic human decency. It’s not “owned” by the left.

Far from it. In fact, if there is religious bigotry, racial bigotry, ethnic bigotry, class bigotry, regional bigotry today, it is 100000 to 1 more likely to come from the left and their kneejerk steno pool of stereotyping, name-calling and intolerance.

George “Without a” Clooney, conflates the concepts of tolerance and bigotry, of “liberal” and illiberal attitudes and of “being a liberal” and being a seditious small c communist.


The OWS movement is a prime example. The Workers Party wing of the small c communist movement is behind the “red turf roll” of the OWS rape, pillage and plunder scheme. The ACORN/SEIU thugs are going to “occupy” CPAC.

When we stop adopting the lexicon that builds small c communist safehouses in which to hide out, we will finally…finally…be on our way to recognizing what is happening to our Constitution. To our laws, rules and regulations. Why there is no budget from a corrupt Senate for over 1000 days. Why our information stream can get away with naked, open and corrupt distortion.

Small c communism is no small thing. Ask Ron Radosh. Or David Horowitz. Or our own Roger Simon.

And guess who’s coming to dinner…if we elect a second term for Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-in-Chief?


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