Open Thread: Super Bowl XLVI (Update: Giants Win 21-17)

The pre-game has been going on for a week. Kickoff is 6:29 Eastern, on NBC and

I have to confess that between the teams involved and the halftime show, I just have not been able to muster up any Super Bowl feevah at all. The Cowboys are in their longest stretch of playoff irrelevance I can remember, and I’m sated on sports from yesterday’s Premiere League action and Arsenal putting Blackburn to the sword.  If both the Patriots and Giants could lose today, I would be for that.


But I’ll probably watch the Super Bowl anyway. The game should be a good one, two great QBs, two very good offenses, one good defense and one that has hit another level since the playoffs. The commercials should be fun and there’s a decent chance that Madonna will match the Black Eyed Peas’ for sheer awfulness.

Update: The game was better than the ads and the halftime show was better than I’d anticipated. Congrats to the Giants and Manning the No Longer Lesser. Eli Manning now has one more Super Bowl win than his older brother.


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