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Planned Parenthood's Actions Proves that It's Not Really a 'Pro-Choice' Organization

This may be a bit of a Captain Obvious observation, but the ongoing struggle between the Komen Foundation provides proof that Planned Parenthood is not fundamentally pro-choice, or even about the freedom of choice. If PP was really fundamentally in favor of defending the freedom of choice, it would not have set out to destroy the Komen Foundation after the foundation cut off funds to PP.

Komen has the legal, moral and ethical choice to spend its funds as it sees fit within the law. Recipients of those funds are under some obligation to spend those funds in ways that satisfy Komen’s goals and preserve Komen’s purposes and its good name. Komen has made the choice to discontinue funding PP. Is that choice not well within the Komen Foundation’s rights to make? PP has the right to lobby against the decision, of course, but PP has gone much farther than that. It has set out, in a political and media strategy, to destroy the Komen Foundation, apparently both to seek revenge and to warn other PP funding sources not to make the same choice Komen has made.

This is not the behavior of an organization that is, at its core, really interested in safeguarding the freedom of choice.

On the good news side, Komen is reporting that its donations have shot up 100% since Planned Parenthood launched its effort to destroy the breast cancer fighting foundation.

Update: Komen’s Seattle branch is supporting another choice that liberals tend to want to take away from us — the choice to exercise the right to bear arms.