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A Stamp for Space Science

The Boulder Space Science section of the Southwestern Research Institute announced a petition to support a commemorative stamp to be issued in time for the July 14, 2015 flyby of Pluto [It’s a planet, dammit –Ed.] by the New Horizons spacecraft.  That happens to be the 50th Anniversary of the first successful Mariner flyby of Mars, so it’s effectively the 50th anniversary of human deep-space exploration, and will also mean humans have sent our robotic proxies to all the major planets, even if we did redefine Pluto to be a dwarf planet. [Shouldn’t that be “Little Planet” to be PC? — Ed.]

Seriously, these guys at SwRI are my friends, but I really do think that a commemorative stamp is a good idea, and I urge everyone to pop over and sign the on-line petition.