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Race Arsonist Tim Wise vs. Andrew Breitbart

The Left can accuse conservatives of engaging in racially charged behavior, when in fact the Left requires racial resentment to survive.  Consider the brewing war between Tim Jacob Wise and Andrew Breitbart.  Wise is a race arsonist of the higher order.  His mission in life is to stoke the flames of racial resentment and grievance.  Cause for grievance lurks everywhere for Wise, and therefore he is relevant in Leftist circles.  A few moments on his website gives you an idea of the creepy depths he will plumb to keep the malignancy of racial resentment alive.

Not surprisingly, Wise is a favorite guest on MSNBC.

Wise is not beyond tossing defamatory accusations at conservatives.  Consider his running war with Andrew Breitbart.  Wise actually went to Tulane at the same time Breitbart did. At that time, a cross burning took place on the lawn of Breitbart’s fraternity.  That fraternity had a black pledge, and Breitbart was the pledge’s sponsor.  Decades later, Wise actually accused Breitbart of having something to do with the cross burning.

So far, nobody has sued Wise for defamation, or even called for him to be bumped from MSNBC.  Those penalties are reserved for conservatives.

But the fight has gotten bloodier in recent days with Wise taking to the airwaves with his fellow traveller Sam Seder at MSNBC.  This dispute is more than a shouting match between Wise and Breitbart, it is an illustration of the double standard that affects any discussion of racial issues in this country.  When a presidential candidate bemoans Americans on food stamps, some hear racial code.  When Eric Holder hears a witness statement documenting black panther voter intimidation, “my people” are offended.  This effort to shame people from discussing real problems is an effort to provide a smokescreen for bad policies.  Unfortunately, the nation suffers.