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Florida Preview: Lots of Sunshine, Lots of Suburbs, Lots of Clout, by Patrick Reddy. History and opportunity combine to make the Florida primary the pivot on which the GOP nomination will turn.


The State of the Election Address, by Bryan Preston. Big moment, small president.

The LAPD’s Continued Defense of Illegal Immigrants, by Jack Dunphy. Why is it so hard for the chief of police to follow the law?

Where the ‘Counter-Obama’ View of the Middle East Is Right and Where It’s Wrong, by Barry Rubin. A balanced view of the argument about Islamists and the Middle East from journalist Jackson Diehl.

The Left’s Flexible Attitude Toward ‘Rights,’ by Rand Simberg. Selective outrage over abortion restrictions and none over curtailing gun rights.

Drunkblogging the State of the Union Speech, by Stephen Green. In the words of the distinguished Sen. John Blutarsky, when the President’s reelection campaign infomercial begins at 9:00 PM EST, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Forget about Economic Recovery: Obama Is Toast, by David P. Goldman. These four charts show which party’s bread is buttered this November.

Art, Lust, and Doing the Dishes: The Controversy of Scarlet Street, by Kathy Shaidle. Edward G. Robinson stars in the latest edition of Kathy’s “Movies for Grown Ups” column.

Election 2012: Win an iPad in the PJ Nostradamus Contest! By Roger L Simon. Think you can predict the Florida primary?

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