'Son of the Devil's Spawn' Rahm Emanuel to Obama: Don't Talk About Your First Term in the SOTU!


President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday evening is likely to be viewed as a reelection speech, and the president’s former chief of staff, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has some ideas about how the speech should be constructed.

The mayor told a panel at the University of Chicago that the president should say very little about his first term, and focus on what he would do in a second term. Emanuel said, “What you do with the first term is say, ‘I inherited a mess, I did what I could to stabilize it, and here’s what we’re gonna do.’ “


National debt 50% higher than it was when Obama took over. Unpopular ObamaCare legislation is his domestic hallmark. Extreme uncertainty as Islamists take over the Middle East, with Carter-like US help. And approval ratings persistently below 50%. Rahm is right. Who would want to talk about that?

So instead, Obama will propose legislating profitability while demanding more taxes on the rich.

Flashback: Where Rahm’s “son of the devil’s spawn” nickname comes from.


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