Obama Set to Mount Next Offensive in the War on Coal?

Looks like it. Check this out (from Environment & Energy, behind a pay firewall).

When U.S. EPA proposes a rule regulating carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants this month, environmentalists hope it ensures that new coal-fired generators will come equipped with technologies for capturing and storing carbon.

But industry advocates say a one-size-fits-all standard would ignore EPA’s past practice of crafting New Source Performance Standards specific to fuel types. That, they say, could hurt fuel diversity and leave ratepayers vulnerable to price fluctuations.

EPA sent its proposed rule for new and modified electric utilities to the Office of Management and Budget in November for a final review, and theagency says it expects to release the proposed rule this month.

EPA is also required to propose rules for existing power plants and for refineries under the terms of two legal settlements reached with environmentalists and states in 2010, but the agency has missed court-ordered deadlines for those rules.

The proposed standard for new power plants is also six months behind schedule, but environmentalists say they hope EPA will use that extra time to craft a stringent new standard that will make a lasting shift in America’s energy portfolio.


And make energy prices skyrocket…

Then, there’s this.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson is having a good week in White House politics, as a major obstacle to her regulatory powers resigned as President Obama’s chief of staff, and then the president held an EPA pep rally the next day assuring Jackson of his commitment to her agenda.

More power for one of the least accountable agencies in the country…just what we need.


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