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Never Trust a Pundit, Especially Me, by Roger L Simon. I owe PJ Media readers an apology.

Mr. Obama’s 99% — Are We Poor or Just Unequal or Both or Neither? By Victor Davis Hanson. In our strange Alice-In-Wonderland 21st-century world, lots of crazy things blur the president’s one percent/99 percent divide.

Population Scares and the Real Future, by Max Singer. Population growth is slowing, and will halt and decline by 2100.

Hamas Seeks a New Patron, by Jonathan Spyer. Sensing the rise of Sunni Islamism, Hamas is seeking benefactors other than Iran.

Medical Journal Myopia Regarding Third World Health Care, by Theodore Dalrymple. The march of folly never ceases.

A Good Night for Romney (Updates: They All Speak Well, But Can They Lead?) by Bryan Preston. Bad night for conservatives? Plus: Photos and a final thought about leadership.

‘Long Story Short’: Colin Quinn’s 75-Minute History of the World, by Kathy Shaidle. You’d almost think the former SNL Weekend Update host might have read Mark Steyn.