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WaPo Rolls Out 'She The People' Blog, Turning Back The Clock 40 Years

Time was that if you were a woman and wanted to work at a newspaper, you were sent to cover parties and the doings of “high society.”  Either that or, like the late, great Dorothy Kilgallen, writing “sob stories,” human interest stories aimed at bringing a tear to the reader’s eye, a lump to the throat.

Then came the 1970s, Roe v. Wade, penumbras and emanations, women on the march, complete with their own anthem, I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar:

And now, having achieved parity in news columns and as columnists, The Washington Post’s relatively new publisher, Katharine Weymouth, granddaughter of the late Katharine Graham, has brought the institution full circle with a new blog with the air-sickness-inducing name of She The People,  — “The World As Women See It.” And the birth of  She The People –get this — has inspired the newspaper’s ombudsman, one Patrick B. Pexton to inquire, of all the questions in all the world, Is The Post Innovating Too Fast?

Earth to Mr. Pexton: What The Post is doing is not innovating too fast; it is, rather, bicycling backwards too slowly, uphill.  This ludicrous new blog is the opposite of progress.

Now the gals are back in the corral where they were lassoed from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Thanks a lot.

At least here at PJM we’re all considered bloggers, contributors and columnists, irrespective of our gender. Isn’t that what the so-called women’s movement was all about?