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A Jon Huntsman Sighting in New Hampshire (Updated)

Nothing changes on New Year’s Day, but the GOP primary could change a bit if Jon Huntsman pulls off a better-than-expected showing in New Hampshire tonight. Huntsman staked his campaign on doing well here, but the polls haven’t rewarded him with any evidence of a surge in support — he ranks third or second in most.

I ventured out today to see Huntsman as he appeared at a polling place in Manchester, NH. What I found were the first signs of street support here for the former Utah governor.

I interviewed this group of young, enthusiastic Huntsman supporters with my Kodak PlayTouch camera, but it had the bad manners to die later in the shoot. If I can salvage the footage somehow I’ll post it here. The consensus among the group was that Huntsman needed to do well here, and that he should because he’s not like the other Republican candidates. One, not seen in the photo, even went as far as to say that Huntsman is their candidate because he’s “practically a Democrat.” That line isn’t likely to help Huntsman as the primary moves south.

Chant from the Romney supporters: “Who’s Obama’s boy? Jonny!

Chant from the Huntsman supporters: “Country first! Country first!” Behind me, one woman quietly replied “That applies to everybody” between each “Country first!”

Ron Paul supporters, relegated to the back of the crowd at first where it was hard to see their signs, improvised: They found 10-foot sticks and attached their signs at the top of them, and walked those signs to the front of the crowd.

I was right in the thick of the action as Gov. Huntsman appeared and walked up and down the sidewalk that had been cordoned off for his visit. That’s Fox’s “Campaign” Carl Cameron and crew awaiting the governor.

A lonely vigil. I don’t know if this protester is an occupier or a Ron Paul supporter. They’re starting to blur together.

On Elm Street, one of the main drags in Manchester. Three news trucks parked side by side awaiting something to report. I’m sure New Hampshire will be glad to see the media in retreat tomorrow.

Update: Camera brought back to life, here’s the footage.

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