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Virginia Funds Occupy and Obama Songs in Schools

The controversy involving Kid Pan Alley has spread across the web.  If you haven’t seen it yet, Kid Pan Alley is an organization that goes into government schools to help children “write” songs.  (Virginia does not have teacher’s unions.)  The taxpayers of Virginia, in part through the Virginia Arts Commission, have paid thousands of dollars to Kid Pan Alley to go into schools and write songs praising Barack Obama, and about environmental apocalypse, and more.  Here is video of Kid Pan Alley’s song about Obama’s election prepared in Fairfax County public schools for second graders.

It feels like it’s been winter for a hundred years
The world is as cold as the white snow
The birds have been wondering if it’s safe to return
We’ve all been hibernating way too long
But now we’ve got the power – we’re no longer cowards
We’ll have a brand new song
Now we’re ready to shed our old skin
We’re ready for a brand new day
Ready for peace – ready for spring
Ready for freedom – let freedom ring
Welcome Barack Obama

Hmmm, cold white snow, new skin, scarred birds…  This song is just the tip of the iceberg.  Kid Pan Alley went to Woodbrook Elementary School in Virginia and crafted lyrics straight out of the Occupy Movement (video at links).

Some people have it all,
but they don’t think that they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes-  they are the 1 percent
I used to be one of the 1 percent

I debated the chair of the Albermarle School Board that allowed Kid Pan Alley into Woodbrook Elementary School.  You can listen to him here explain that third graders wrote these lyrics and there is nothing wrong with letting Kid Pan Alley in schools.  He says “most” of their songs aren’t political.  Comforting.

But the bigger question, one raised by Andrew Breitbart on Fox yesterday, is why does the Commonwealth of Virginia allow Virginia tax dollars to fund Kid Pan Alley?