Chevy Recalls Volt Due to Excessive Awesomeness and Because They're Fire Hazards. Mostly Because They're Fire Hazards.

The world’s most heavily subsidized car, pitched by no less than a sitting president, is getting a safety recall:

General Motors is recalling the Chevrolet Volt to make changes that it says will help prevent fires from coolant leaks which may follow a severe side impact. Coolant leaks days after National Highway Traffic Safety Administration side crash tests caused several fires. The fires were sparked when the cars were being slowly rotated as part of a post-test procedure causing the coolant to come into contact with circuit boards. The cars’ batteries were still charged at the time.


Here’s my favorite part of the story:

GM, itself, is not calling this a “recall” but a “customer satisfaction campaign.”

Sure, in the sense that customers tend to be pretty unsatisfied with expensive cars that spontaneously combust.

Can we recall this administration?


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