The MSM's Hilarious Justification for Its Love Affair with Jon Huntsman

Ex-conservative Andrew Sullivan saw fit to highlight this revealing snippet from the New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza on the mainstream media’s fondness for Jon Huntsman with the accurate headline “The Journalists’ Candidate”:


2. Jon Huntsman wins New Hampshire.

Bottom line: the press loves Huntsman. Jacob Weisberg wrote an excellent and mostly positive profile for Vogue. Joe Klein says Huntsman “refuses to pander to the know-nothing zealots who’ve overrun his party” and has “proposed the most thoughtful roster of policy initiatives of any candidate in the race.” A number of reporters have become quite taken with Huntsman’s charming daughters. No candidate with Huntsman’s poll numbers has ever received more admiring coverage. Part of the reason for this is that, for many journalists, credentials matter. Huntsman may not be doing well in the polls, but there is a sense among the meritocrats of the press corps that a former two-term governor and ambassador who has served in Washington under three different Presidents should be doing better. There is something off-kilter about a system that doesn’t reward someone like Huntsman. If Romney demolishes his competition in Iowa, don’t be surprised if Huntsman gets elevated as the new anti-Romney.


[Emphasis mine.]

And there you have your morning belly laugh. You’re welcome. Credentials matter to journalists when they’re considering what qualifies someone to be Commander-in-Chief? Just as I suppose they mattered a great deal in 2008 when the MSM swooned over the “credentials” of the junior Senator of Illinois:



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