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Obligatory 'Newt Weeps About His Mom' Post

I have to admit, cynic that I am, that upon seeing the headline my first thought was “So, he’s pulling a Hillary. How’d that work out?”

Seeing the actual video doesn’t really crack off any of my cynicism, but let’s allow that the incredible stress of the campaign, the loved-yesterday-hated-today nature of the electorate and the polls, the attack ads that in Newt’s case get particularly personal, plus the chance to get a bit nostalgic about something nice for once, can have their effects. And while for Hillary, crying as she was the first serious female candidate from what is perceived as the softer party on national security did not project the image she needed to project, for Gingrich, it does show a more human side than we tend to see out of him. And it seems genuine.

Besides, we’re in the holiday season and he’s talking about his mom singing in a choir. Who can blame the guy for getting a bit weepy?

Now, if he dips into history and ends up comparing this moment to the tears shed at Gethsemane, I’ll be back with a righteous hammering.

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