Bachmann's Iowa Chairman Appears With Her, Endorses Ron Paul Three Hours Later

And there’s an allegation of bribery or some such to boot. Swell.

Hawkeye State Sen. Kent Sorenson jumps to the Texan’s camp hours after he attended an event in Indianola to support the MN Congresswoman.

Sorenson: “When the Republican establishment is going to be coming after Ron Paul, I thought it is my duty to come to his aid.”

Bachmann camp responds: “Kent Sorenson personally told me he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign.”


Sorenson denies the payoff, about which Ed Morrissey is skeptical. I also wouldn’t put much stock in anything coming out of the Bachmann camp. This is the candidate who claims a mysterious person come up to her and told her their daughter was rendered mentally handicapped thanks to a perfectly safe anti-cancer vaccine. That’s as irresponsible as it is nutty.

Bachmann performed well in a single early debate but otherwise hasn’t shown much to offer as a serious contender. She has no record of leading or succeeding in Congress. She’s currently polling sixth in Iowa, the state in which she was born. I wonder if we’ll ever learn as a party that records in office matter a whole lot more than what candidates say in debates.

As for Sorenson, he went from one candidate who won’t win Iowa to another who might but probably won’t, and won’t win the nomination. Interesting choice. Allahpundit speculates that he might have done it to give himself an in with whatever organization Paul ends up leaving behind in Iowa. Perhaps, but that seems to be fairly far-ahead thinking for a man who flipped candidates in the span of three hours. It seems more likely that he either had some sort of falling out with the Bachmann camp or panicked once he realized that he was on a sinking ship. Or he’s nuts. Whatever turns out to be the case, and we may never know, he may go down as the man whose flip sunk one and maybe two campaigns, along with his own credibility.


Consider, you’re running for office in Iowa in a couple of years. Are you going to seek out Kent Sorenson’s endorsement or aid?


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