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Trump, Ego, and the Presidency, by Roger L Simon. Egotism in politics is one of the perils of modern democracy in a giant nation such as America.

Civil War as the Second-Best Option, by David P. Goldman. Never let a crisis go to waste: the options throughout the Middle East appear to be stable rule by the Muslim Brotherhood, or disintegration. Which benefits America more?


Newt’s ‘Zany’ Space Policy, by Rand Simberg. Some questions for Mitt Romney.

North Korea’s Transition: Time of Mistrust and Uncertainty, by Khaled Nasir. The effects reach all the way to Lebanon, where North Korea has aided Hezbollah.

Breaking: Eric Holder Blocks SC Voter ID, Texas Next, by J. Christian Adams. Sadly, I’m not convinced Texas understands the battlefield or the stakes involved.

On the Nonexistence of Obama Derangement Syndrome, by Victor Davis Hanson. Opposition to Obama looks nothing like the left’s hatred of Bush. For starters, it’s rational.

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