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PJ Recommends: Is Obama the Greatest President?

When I sat down to read Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything, I was expecting the usual mindless tripe from those few on the left who prop up the unaccomplished, mediocre legislator who now holds the presidency, but it turns out that the book is one of those satires that kids enjoy so much these days. While it sounds like the author is praising President Obama the whole way through, he’s actually making fun of Obama and his supporters. I know: How can someone make fun of a person while praising him? It sounds counterintuitive, but somehow the author pulls it off, as he is apparently some sort of genius. The book is funny from beginning to end, and I especially enjoyed the part where he compares Obama to all the previous presidents, as he uses a bit of historical humor.

Since it is an ebook, it’s the perfect last-minute gift, because you can give it literally at the last minute, and it will be there on time. Literally. And not Joe Biden literally; actual literally.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: Isn’t this review a bit self-serving, since you wrote the book? I see why you would think that, but the author is actually a completely different Frank J. Fleming who writes political humor. We are often confused for each other, especially since we look alike. The easiest way to tell us apart, though, is that if you look closely at the other Frank J. Fleming, there is a slight scar beneath his left eye. I keep telling the police this, as apparently that Frank J. Fleming is wanted for questioning in a number of murders in the Midwest. Eyewitnesses keep saying they saw me leave the scene of the crime, but that’s just because they didn’t look close enough to see the scar.

You guys believe me, right?