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Obama Campaign Holiday Video: Use Family Gatherings to Spread the Obama Faith

Faith, family, food, football…to most of us, these are what the holidays are about. Seeing children joy over their gifts. Remembering that there are greater things than us in heaven and earth. Seeing family that we don’t get to see often enough. Catching up and taking stock.

But to the Obama campaign, Christmas Season 2011 is all about spreading the faith in a new messiah.

That looks like a pretty good way to ruin Christmas and divide families. Conversations could go something like this:

Son: Dad, can you pass the gravy, and by the way, did you see what how the president framed the payroll tax cut debate? He’s at least the fourth best president we’ve ever had. Why don’t you see reason and commit now to vote for him? You know you’re breaking my heart if you don’t.

Dad: Son, I really don’t want to talk about politics but you’re 30 and that master’s degree in puppetry with a side emphasis on the role of wymyn in the Muppet patriarchy isn’t paying for itself and it certainly hasn’t helped you land a job. Not in your great president’s economy. Now here’s the gravy that I’m paying for, too. Now, can I get back to reading the Christmas story to the grandkids?

Son: You’re so insensitive! [Slams fork down, skulks away from the table, picks up last year’s Christmas gift to check out the latest Huffington Post headlines.]

It’s generally a good idea, by the way, to start with your strongest argument first in a political ad to break past short attention spans. The above video’s first argument for Obama is that he’s a “politician of my generation.” He’s also a politician of my generation, and I honestly can’t think of a more stupid reason to vote for someone.

h/t Ace by way of Verum Serum by way of Pat Dollard