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Chris Christie to Barack Obama and His Weak Sister Supporters: 'Cry Me a River'

NJ Gov Christie goes into lion’s den, steals lions’ teeth and claws.

CJC: First of all, the President had a democratic congress for the first two years and he frittered it away. He frittered it away… And then all the sudden now he is complaining his Presidency is not a success because he has had a year, a year, of Republicans?

JS: Not even a year!

CJC:  I mean a year in a couple of weeks.  I mean cry me a river already… lead …and do your job!

Earlier in the same Morning Joe set, Christie ripped into Obama’s Kansas speech, in which The One attempted and failed to wear Teddy Roosevelt’s monocle pince-nez.

N.J. GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE:  Let me tell you something…  I saw you guys going wild over that speech … in Kansas…

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, ‘MORNING JOE’ CO-HOST: oh it  was fabulous, I loved it!

CJC: Let me tell you something… that was such a ridiculous … problem filled pander..  for Barack ,who is probably the weakest President  I’ve seen in my life time.

MB: Really …

CJC: He has no idea how to use executive power. To stand up and udder [sic] his name in the same breath as Teddy Roosevelt? Are you kidding? And for him to sit there and say some of the things … that he said, it’s time for us to step up…  Step up our game… it’s time to meet the moment? Well you know what Mr. President… We have been waiting for you to meet the moment for 3 years!

MB: OK! That’s so easy for you to say Chris..

CJC: So meet the moment!

CJC: Why is that so easy for me to say?  I’ve had to face much tougher things in NJ from a political perspective than he has. I have a state that is overwhelming democratic … I have a legislature that is overwhelmingly democratic … YET we have accomplished the things I mentioned before. PLUS balancing two budgets without raising taxes on the people of New Jersey… we’ve  now created 60,000 new private sector jobs since I’ve been governor before that ( of course) we lost 116,000 private jobs in the last year of Jon Corzine.  AND, as of today… NJ state government has less employees than when Christie Whitman left office in 2001. So, we have made government smaller, we have made it smarter, we’ve made it less expensive for people and we’ve done that with a democratic legislature.

I know he doesn’t want the job, but Christie would make an excellent vice presidential nominee. During the campaign, the veep role is to function as the attack dog while the presidential nominee stays above the fray. Who would be better, no matter who the nominee is, at attacking Obama on substance than Chris Christie?

h/t Fox Nation