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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Is Catwoman an Occupier?

The Dark Knight Rises official trailer is out. It makes the film sound very political, more so than either of the first two Nolan Batman films.

It also looks very, very good.

Catwoman’s lines in the trailer:

You think this can last. There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.

You and your friends better batten down the hatches, cause when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

“The rest of us?”

Catwoman is a thief, and a rich thief at that. Her portrayal in Batman: Arkham City sticks close to this amoral line. She slinks around and steals, helps Batman when she absolutely has to, but mostly enjoys chaos and looks after herself. The DKR trailer makes her out to be someone you’d expect to find around a drum circle in your local park. Maybe Catwoman is still carrying too much student debt? If these lines in the trailer are true to her character in the film, then Catwoman is essentially a sexy Soros, working with the forces of chaos to bring down the system while profiting from it at the same time. In the end, though, Batman is the real hero, and he doesn’t let chaos win.

So which side is director Christopher Nolan on — Batman’s or Catwoman’s?

Well, TDKR filmed using real occupiers as a background/prop. Or, they were going to do that, until they decided that the occupier’ message, whatever it was, was more important than filming a blockbuster and giving the occupiers jobs that paid them real money.

Perhaps Christopher Nolan is just very shrewd at generating hype for his film. Surely he’s smart enough to have understood how and why George Lucas having Anakin Skywalker mutilate a George W. Bush war on terror line ended up ruining the Obi-Wan character, the Darth Vader character and the Star Wars franchise.