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Senators Lee and...Kohl Rightly Call on the FTC to Thoroughly Investigate Google

Google is the Evil Empire.  The Internet Search behemoth has long been using its monstrous power not for good, but for ill.

To give but a few examples:

Google was knowingly running illegal ads for Canadian pharmaceuticals – since 2003.  And they just had to pay a $500 million fine for so doing.

Google has been – for their Google Books – scanning in their entirety tens of thousands of tomes – without the legal approval to do so.  Myriad publishers are currently suing.


Their serial illegal business practices are a natural extension of their Leftist ideology.

They are incessant violators of antitrust, privacy and private property law – it is a business ethos borne of a political one.

To give but one example, Google was long the Daddy Warbucks behind the push to Network Neutrality.  Which mandates that Google have free, unlimited access to the Inter-networks that others spend hundreds of billions of dollars building and maintaining.

Google has been very busy, and very thorough.

Google has repeatedly been accused of violating privacy laws, facilitating copyright infringement and aiding online piracy. 


Google and its political allies want to turn the Internet into an “information commons.” To that end, they seek to weaken copyright, trademark and patent protections.


This “what’s yours is mine” philosophy is used by Google to monetize others’ information and content without paying for it. 

Behold the Socialist undermining of property rights.  They want to illegally make money off of your stuff – at the expense of you legally making money off of your stuff.  Hence their aforementioned Google Books massive private property heist.


Ask them for access to their mystical Search algorithm – how they arrive at the Search results they do – and they go ballistic.  Screaming “Proprietary!” – and steadfastly refusing to acquiesce to any degree.

For Google, it’s “what’s yours is mine” – and “what’s mine is mine.”

Access to information should be unfettered: Google aims to replace user privacy and data security with radical transparency and openness.

Translation: Google doesn’t give a rats rear end about your privacy – or, again, your property rights.

There’s very much more to be mined, but you get the idea.


Google has been for some time under antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  But as the above demonstrates, there is oh so much more to be investigated.

Meanwhile, there have also been multiple Capitol Hill hearings looking into Google’s myriad bad practices.

The Senate’s Antitrust Subcommittee had one on September 21.  During which, example after example of Google manipulating Search results were presented.

What was gleaned therefrom led to a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz from Utah Republican Mike Lee, the Subcommittee’s ranking member.

What was gleaned therefrom was so disturbing, it led to that letter also being from uber-Leftist Wisconsin Democrat Subcommittee Chairman Herb Kohl.

If the long-Leftist Google has drawn the ire of uber-Leftist Senator Kohl – how far from the path have they strayed?

The letter lays out some of Google’s many, many abuses – including consistently favoring Google products in Search results at the expense of all others.

Note: Google is a big Yes for Net Neutrality – but a vociferous No on Search Neutrality.  “What’s yours is mine” – and “what’s mine is mine.”

The letter concludes by asking Chairman Leibowitz to – given all the evidence uncovered at the hearing – pursue with all vigorousness the FTC’s antitrust investigation.


As conservatives, we want Less Government and maximum freedom – but within the confines of the rule of law and order.

Google makes a multi-billion dollar living well outside said confines – abusing the economic rights of others for fun and profit.

All hail Senators Lee and Kohl for insisting upon the rule of law.  For the lawless, illegally self-serving Google.