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Happy First Birthday Chevy Volt: No Profits, Few Sales, Four Fires and One Big Obama Administration-General Motors Cover-Up

It has now been one year since General Motors (GM) first delivered the Chevy Volt to market.  And what a year it’s been.

The Volt makes GM literally no money – it costs $41,000 to make, and sells for $41,000.

And they are selling far fewer than GM’s announced expectations.

At least in part because (at least) four Volts have burst into flames – two in April, and two in November.

And GM and the Barack Obama Administration knew about the fires since (at least) June – and said nothing until November.

Less Government President Seton Motley:

“Happy First Birthday to the non-profit, flammable, rolling disaster that is the Chevy Volt.  One year of disappointing, unprofitable sales, fires, fire-induced buybacks – and fire cover-ups.

“What’s a few Volt flame-outs – and a danger-suppressing cover-up – when you’re trying to fundamentally transform America?

“The Chevy Volt is yet another failure-basedCrony SocialistLeftist ideological General Motors decision.  Of the sort we expected when President Barack Obama upped the GM bailout to $50 billion.  On these myriad bad ideas, GM has delivered.

“So let’s celebrate the Chevy Volt’s first birthday.  We’ll get a giant cake – and we know what we can use as a candle.”

We the taxpayers own more than 500,000 shares of GM stock, on which we are poised to lose more than $16 billion.  Less Government tracks the looming loss – and offers the solution for how we can extricate ourselves from GM – at