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Christopher Hitchens and Conservative Blogs

Much has already been written about the death of Christopher Hitchens, much of it by those who knew him. I did not have that privilege. Hence, I find myself able to write about little more than what others have written on the sad occasion of his death. Those writings, far from sad, are energizing because they celebrate Mr. Hitchens’ life and once again show conservative appreciation of intellect, wit and charm and, of no less significance, eagerness to understand often different views and their bases.

Here are some thoughts based on what other conservative bloggers have written. The piece concludes,

There is great diversity of thought because conservatives are rarely hesitant to follow where their own minds lead them. That is one of the greatest strengths of conservatism. Unless guided principally by our own minds and therefore free to consider and to accept, reject or modify ideas on their own merits rather than based on dogma or the biases of others, we would be lost in the woods and unable to find our various and often different ways.