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The Democratic Party: The Party Of, By And For The Rich

Yes, you read that right: the Democratic Party is a party of, by and for millionaires. You know whom I’m talking about: those money-hungry bankers who care only about their own wallets and who couldn’t care less about the financial well being of John Doe.

That is, at least, undoubtedly how Democrats would’ve lashed out at Republicans if the roles were reversed:

In what would be a major concession, President Obama and Senate Democrats will drop their insistence that a surtax on millionaires pay for extending the payroll tax cut, a Democratic source tells CNN. This would be part of a new Democratic offer.

Obviously, this is somewhat of a victory for the Republican Party. However, since Democrats let no opportunity to bash ‘the rich’ go wasted, we can now reach only one conclusion: their hatred for the rich isn’t heartfelt, it’s all part of the political game. They believed that jealousy was a winner electorally. Now that they realize that elections are coming up next year and now that Republicans actually seem to be able to withstand the left-wing pressure, they quickly cave in and do a completely turnaround.

Conservatives often accuse Republican congressmen and senators of having no spine. Well, Democrats aren’t much better. The only difference is that we should be grateful for that this time.

By the way: wouldn’t it be awesome if at least one Republican candidate (mind you: for congress, not for president of course) would attack Democrats for being in bed with Wall Street? That would be a pretty sight to behold, wouldn’t it?